April 2021

INFF in Q1 2021: Global progress report

This briefing provides the first global overview of INFF country progress using data captured from 71 countries through UNDP’s INFF Dashboard.

Seventy-one countries are developing integrated national financing frameworks (INFFs) to shape robust approaches for public and private financing of COVID-19 recovery and medium- to long-term sustainable development. While many countries are in the early stages of their national processes for operationalising INFFs, and despite the disruption of the pandemic, tangible progress has been achieved in laying the foundations and tailoring INFFs within different development contexts.

This briefing presents the progress captured through UNDP’s INFF Dashboard, based on data reported by 71 countries. It provides the first global overview of how countries are adopting INFFs, the benefits that governments and their partners aim to realise from the approach and the steps and activities that are underway and have been completed in national processes.

More than half of all INFF countries have formalised or are in the process of formalising government oversight for INFFs. Scoping assessments to shape INFF inception phases are well underway with 18 development finance assessments completed and 25 in progress. More than one hundred assessments, research, advocacy and guidance materials have been produced to inform INFF processes. Thirty-one countries plan to introduce a financing strategy for the first time while 27 will strengthen existing strategies. Two countries have launched their financing strategy already while five are under development. Countries plan to introduce more than 220 changes in financing policies, regulations, instruments and processes through their financing strategies. 

These government-led efforts to build a more integrated approach to financing recovery from the pandemic and medium- to long-term sustainable development are being supported by 21 UN organisations as well as range of other international partners, including the European Union.

For more details about country progress, download the first INFF country progress briefing and explore the INFF Dashboard.

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