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In 2020, Haiti will continue the development of its INFF with support from the UN Joint SDG Fund.

In Haiti, sustainable development is challenged by high poverty rates and capacity gaps that hinder social service provision. The INFF process will thus carry the additional responsibility of building social cohesion in the country.   

Haiti’s INFF process will involve broad-based national consultation in defining strategies, priorities and goals, as well as regular exchange with other key partners from the private, non-governmental, and financial sectors. The final result of the INFF will be an ambitious yet realistic financing action plan for Haiti in support of an SDG strategy, fully supported and endorsed by a national consultation process.

The INFF intends to achieve following outcomes: (a) national ownership of strategies, action plans or reforms initiated under the INFF process; (b) a comprehensive, ambitious and well-informed financing plan fully aligned with SDGs; (c) an updated SDG strategy based on realistic finance mobilisation scenarios; and (d) institutionalised capacity to efficiently deliver the SDGs. Resource mobilisation, in terms of enhanced access to financing not only for government but also for - and from - private sector investors, will be geared toward both basic service provision and sustainable growth related to the SDGs.

For more details, visit the Joint SDG Fund website.

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