In 2020, Kenya will kick-off its INFF process by initiating a development finance assessment with support from the EU and UNDP.

While the Government of Kenya has made significant strides in strengthening public financial systems, including through tax reforms, the lack of an integrated approach for financing the SDGs remains a key challenge. Mobilising the scale of public and private financial resources necessary to achieve the SDGs will require the implementation of integrated policies and reforms and effective coordination of a diverse range of stakeholders towards common development objectives.

The INFF process will help the government address these challenges by providing a holistic framework that extends beyond traditional public sector budgeting to include resources mobilised by all actors, including the private sector, NGOs and other development partners.

As a first step to roll-out Kenya’s INFF, the government will conduct a development finance assessment (DFA) to provide an up-to-date overview of the current financing landscape. The DFA will also identify opportunities to mobilise additional sources of finance and use existing financial resources more efficiently towards achieving the SDGs. 

The INFF process is expected to produce the following results: (i) identification of SDG financing needs, analysis of existing resource flows to create a baseline understanding of the financing gap, and a risk assessment to identify gaps in financing data, national statistical systems and other legal, policy, institutional and capacity-building constraints; (ii) strengthening of links and trade-offs between plans, policies, strategies, institutional structures and platforms relevant to SDG financing for better coherence and coordination; and (iii) promotion of a whole-of-society approach to financing the SDGs and establishment of SDG financing dialogue platforms for strengthening accountability, transparency and participation. 

These results are expected to strengthen Kenya’s economic governance approach to SDG financing and support greater coherence across government systems for monitoring public and private finance. The INFF process will support a greater understanding of the impact of financing on sustainable development outcomes, including those related to gender equality, youth, climate change and the environment.  

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