In 2020, Guinea will continue the development of its INFF with support from the UN Joint SDG Fund.

The Government of Guinea is committed to contextualising and localising SDG targets, formulating National Assessment Guidelines, and mobilising resources for SDG implementation at the national and local level. 

The INFF process aims to deliver two main outcomes by 2022: (a) an INFF for SDG achievement is established and implemented; and (b) internal and external resources are effectively and efficiently allocated and executed for SDG achievement. 

The INFF will implement a strategy for SDG financing in Guinea with four components that will deliver increased financing for sustainable development: (a) define national SDG targets and assess implementation costs; (b) evaluate the available fiscal space at the national and local levels; (c) align national and local planning and budgeting to the SDGs to capitalise on available resources; (d) establish a participatory monitoring and evaluation system at all levels to track progress in attaining the SDGs, inform necessary adjustments and ensure efficient and effective public expenditure for the SDGs. 

For more details, visit the Joint SDG Fund website.

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