In 2020, Jordan will continue the development of its INFF with support from the UN Joint SDG Fund.

The socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on Jordan is expected to be massive, compounded by persistent regional instability, years of low growth and fiscal crisis. To meet its SDG priorities in the context of these challenges, Jordan aims to establish the key building blocks of an INFF with an initial focus on climate change and gender equality, both cross-cutting issues requiring integrated approaches towards SDG goals and targets. The INFF also provides the foundation for sustained and systemic change towards crisis preparedness and economic resilience, while adhering to the principle of ‘leave no one behind’. 

The INFF will work with the largest investment vehicles in Jordan, such as the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF), and support the government’s public-private partnership (PPP) unit in aligning existing investments and investment pipelines to national SDG priorities. The INFF will work to leverage cooperation with international financial institutions and development partners. Capacity building on impact measurement and management (IMM) and the Women’s Economic Empowerment Principles (WEP) for small and medium enterprises will help create an investment-ready pipeline. The INFF will also engage with youth, particularly impacted by climate change and its repercussions on intergenerational equity, as well as other key stakeholders and target groups. 

For more details, visit the Joint SDG Fund website.

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