In 2020, Uzbekistan will continue the development of its development finance assessment (DFA) and INFF with support from the UN Joint SDG Fund.

A 2018 International Monetary Fund assessment of the spending required to reach Uzbekistan’s SDGs in health, education and infrastructure found that the country needs to spend an additional 8.7 percent of its GDP by 2030. To help Uzbekistan reach this target, the UN Joint SDG Fund will support the country in developing an INFF.

Uzbekistan is currently conducting its DFA, which will lay the foundation for the country’s INFF. The INFF will accelerated the attainment of the SDGs in Uzbekistan thanks to a more efficient, transparent and results-oriented use of public financial resources, as well as a better coordinated and integrated use of public and private resources in social sectors, with a specific focus on the inclusion of women and vulnerable groups.

The INFF will support the achievement of the SDGs at many different levels and through various impact chains. Its establishment will provide a mechanism for improving the coherence of sustainable development financing policies as well as strengthen internal and external resource mobilisation to ensure adequate quality of socio-economic programmes. The INFF will focus on the most urgent areas for improvement: healthcare, social assistance and environment degradation. All three areas have catalytic effects on one another and serve the common goal of poverty and inequality reduction. 

For more details, visit the Joint SDG Fund website.

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