Tanzania’s INFF is helping the government create a stronger link between planning and financing.

Achieving the goals outlined in Tanzania’s Third National Five Year Development Plan (FYDP III) will cost an estimated $49.6 billion. Financing this plan will be no easy feat. It will require mobilising public and private finance from a diverse range of sources. 

To address the country's financing challenges and seize new opportunities, the government is developing an INFF with the support of UNDP.  As a first step, Tanzania conducted several studies to analyse alternative financing options and completed a development finance assessment in 2021. 

Building on these initial assessments, the government is developing an integrated national financing strategy for FYDP III. This marks the first time government is developing a national development plan and a financing strategy at the same time - a major step forward in aligning planning and financing processes within government. 

The INFF is also paving the way for the private sector to play a greater role in financing the sustainable development agenda. By establishing new platforms for dialogue, broadening the range of financing instruments and mapping SDG investment opportunities, the government is creating a bridge between the public and private sectors. 

The United Republic of Tanzania aims to finalise its national integrated financing strategy by 2022.  

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