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With support from the UN Joint SDG Fund, Ecuador will continue the development of its INFF to leverage resources from the public and private sectors, focused specifically on financing a chronic child malnutrition (CCM) reduction policy.

The INFF will contribute towards a better financing architecture for sustainable development in Ecuador and will leverage resources from the public and private sectors, particularly to counter the problem of chronic child malnutrition. The INFF process will facilitate the development of a more appropriate financial framework for sustainable development, contributing towards inclusive and sustainable economic growth, while meeting the requirements of the principle of ‘leave no one behind’.

To reach this aim, the Government of Ecuador is working towards two outcomes: (a) the design and the implementation of an INFF for sustainable development; and (b) applying the INFF to a chronic child malnutrition (CCM) reduction policy. Both are closely and mutually related. The analysis undertaken at a macro level will provide elements for the design of specific tools to diminish CCM. In turn, the concrete application of the INFF to reduce CCM will provide feedback to the general proposal of the INFF.

For more details, visit the Joint SDG Fund website.

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