Comoros is finalising its first-ever formally costed financing strategy to support its national development plan, the Emerging Comoros Plan (2020 - 2030).

The Government of Comoros is working to strengthen its financing ecosystem in order to achieve its national development objectives and the SDGs through the INFF process. Led by the Ministry of Finance, the INFF process bolsters the Emerging Comoros Plan (2020 - 2030), reflecting the nation’s ambition to alleviate poverty and enhance the well-being of its population. 

Achieving the Emerging Comoros Plan will require an estimated 2,068 billion Comorian Franc ($4.5 billion) in investments. Using the INFF approach, Comoros is finalising the formally costed financing strategy to strengthen its financing ecosystem to finance these national development priorities.  

The financing strategy prioritises strengthening the capacities of relevant institutions and the enabling framework related to fair tax systems, SDG-aligned expenditure, transparent debt management, financial inclusion, diaspora investment and Islamic and green finance as a step to enhance mobilisation and alignment of finance with national priorities.

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