Contributing towards the broader objectives of generating employment and creating income generating opportunities for vulnerable communities of Lebanon

Lebanon’s INFF focuses on ensuring that the central government, donor partners, international financial institutions and the private sector invest adequately, transparently, and in an accountable way to the national development goals and the SDGs. The INFF helps to prevent further erosion of agriculture, forestry, livestock, and fishing sectors which, at the aggregate level, have been shrinking since the beginning of the Syrian Crisis.

The INFF will identify a set of interventions involving both public and private sectors to maximise investments in the SDGs. On the public sector side, interventions will help the Government of Lebanon to prioritise and mobilise resources through its national budgeting process, as well as productively invest in the economic restructuring process announced in the Ministerial Declaration. The INFF will take into consideration economic, social, gender and high-priority SDG criteria when prioritising interventions. 

On the private sector side, the INFF seeks to leverage previous government work in SDG policymaking, objectives setting and budgeting to incentivise private sector investment. This work will also seek to engage donor partners and international financial institutions and align their investment decisions with the SDGs. 

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