Unlocking financing opportunities for National Strategic Development Plan through mobilising large scale private investments

The Government of Lesotho is using the INFF to achieve private sector-led economic growth and employment creation by facilitating the creation of a conducive policy environment, strengthening public financial management (PFM) processes, providing platforms for dialogue and generating evidence for private–public collaboration.

The INFF will help consolidate the results made by the Government of Lesotho and its partners in promoting a transparent and equitable PFM ecosystem through (1) implementation of a gender-sensitive financing framework to preserve fiscal sustainability and stimulate partnership; (2) improving transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of public investment programmes through the strengthening of the capacity of public personnel; and (3) establishing a policy framework that fosters dialogue on shared values amongst the government, civil society, parliament, and private sector to maximise synergy effects and results during the implementation of future investments. 

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