Uganda’s INFF is a collective effort to mobilise resources to finance the 18 programmes articulated in its third National Development Plan.

Uganda’s third National Development Plan (NDPIII), which aims to increase average household incomes and improve quality of life, has been prepared in full alignment with the SDGs. The INFF aligns strongly with national priorities and programmes in a direct response to the government’s Public Finance Management Reform Strategy (2018-2022) and builds on the recommendation of the country’s development finance assessment (DFA). 

The INFF aims to help Uganda (a) align its development plans, policies and financing with the NDPIII and the SDGs; (b) strengthen the management of public resources to harmonise plans, budgets, and financing, as well as build the institutional capacity of key stakeholders for accelerated delivery of NDPIII and the SDGs; (c) enhance mobilisation of additional private sector resources through an enabling business environment; and (d) reinforce monitoring and oversight systems to track implementation of the SDGs, as well as encourage effective and inclusive participation through simplification of budget analysis tools and capacity building.

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