Tajikistan’s INFF focuses on systemic change, with a clear commitment to leaving no one behind.

The INFF in Tajikistan is anchored in the country’s National Development Strategy for 2016-2030. Its aim is to promote evidence-based policies and actions backed by disaggregated data by gender and other vulnerability metrics; to build technical and managerial capacities and strengthen partnerships with key government institutions; and to improve the accountability and transparency of the government's budgeting practices in order to achieve the national SDG targets. 

The INFF will contribute to key long-term goals, including poverty reduction, gender equality and non-discrimination, as well as quality education and early childhood development. As an integrated resource mobilisation strategy is embedded in government systems, additional financial resources including off-budget sources of financing, will be leveraged to support achievement of these goals, and national SDG targets more broadly.

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