Countries across the Oceania region are taking action toward establishing and strengthening INFFs.

In response to the growing demand from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Financing Facility for the Sustainable Development Goals (APFIN) has supported more than 18 countries in conducting Development Finance Assessments (DFAs) and developing INFFs. The regional platform is a technical support facility and knowledge platform focused on strengthening INFFs and facilitating, accelerating and scaling up these innovations and reforms.

The Facility is a demand driven and country-led platform for regional dialogue, cooperation, and sharing of country knowledge, chaired by the Ministry of Finance, Maldives in collaboration with a multi-stakeholder Advisory Group and network of experts. The Facility is supported by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Asian Development Bank, and works in collaboration with the INFF initiative to ensure aligned support to governments in the region.

APFIN provides tailored support to relevant ministries, including Ministries of Finance, for (a) developing methodologies and tools for governments to develop and operationalise SDG financing strategies; (b) sharing country knowledge and experiences and informing and facilitating dialogue across countries; (c) identifying data, evidence, trends and key messages from the region to distil and feed into global processes; and (d) identifying opportunities and reforms needed to facilitate private sector engagement.

Click on a country to learn more about how INFF’s are being implemented in different contexts throughout Oceania.

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The INFF Knowledge Platform has a growing library of INFF reports, briefs, case studies, tools and guidelines. Explore resources from Oceania to get greater insight into the region’s INFF process.

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