In 2020, Bhutan will continue the development of its INFF with support from the UN Joint SDG Fund.

Through the INFF process, the Government of Bhutan will facilitate the development and implementation of critical building blocks to transform the way Bhutan finances its development priorities. Building on the country’s development finance assessment (DFA), the INFF will identify and facilitate the mobilisation of alternative sources of financing to support the SDGs within the timeframe of Bhutan's 12th Five Year Plan (2018-2023). The INFF will result in enhanced public and private financing and the development of financial governance systems to accelerate SDG progress.

To achieve the expected results, the INFF targets certain key pillars, including (a) supporting an increased resource envelope for Bhutan by leveraging private capital towards SDG-aligned investments; (b) enhancing financial governance; and (c) strengthening the capacities of stakeholders related to integrated financing systems for the SDGs. Overall, the INFF will develop a gender- and climate-responsive financing system, align and coordinate national systems and strategies with Bhutan's sustainable development priorities and develop an environment that promotes private sector investment aligned with national strategies and the SDGs.

For more details, visit the Joint SDG Fund website.

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