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Efficient, effective and equitable resource allocation towards Jamaica Vision 2030

Building on the current progress achieved in localising and integrating the SDGs in its planning framework, the Government of Jamaica will enhance fiscal space and strengthen public financial management. The INFF will strengthen the capacity of the Ministries of Finance and Public Service; Education, Youth and Information; and Health and Wellness. 

As a result of the INFF implementation, increased capacity, together with diagnostic budget analyses, development of financial simulation models and budget tracking systems will enable the re-prioritisation of funds to services which affect the most vulnerable populations, including children, women and people with disabilities. By building capacity, promoting accountable and transparent financial management systems and processes, and linking national budgets to the SDGs, the INFF will contribute to the achievement of SDG 16 and 17, and has the potential to further accelerate SDGs concerning gender, health, and education.

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