Senegal’s INFF process will align with the considerable work that has already been accomplished by the Government in developing a national resource mobilisation framework to fund the Senegal Emergent Plan and the SDGs.

Over the past few years, Senegal’s economic growth rates have accelerated, resulting in a 10% decrease in the poverty rate since 2011. Senegal’s national development plan, the Senegal Emergent Plan (PSE), integrates the SDGs and is based on a resource mobilisation framework.

Although relatively detailed, this framework is fragmented, particularly in its approach to public finance, public-private partnerships and the private sector. The establishment of an INFF will contribute to the integration of planning and financing functions, processes and systems to better mobilise and spend the resources needed to finance sustainable development. Key to the INFF process will be exploiting the potential of emerging sectors in new health solutions, clean energy, affordable housing, circular economy manufacturing, food losses and wastage, agricultural solutions, forest ecosystem services, urban infrastructure and building solutions.

The INFF development process will ensure that national sustainable development priorities are at the heart of all funding policies. The process will catalyse a national dialogue on financing priorities beyond a limited set of financial experts and decision-makers. It will also give additional impetus to key reforms and policies that the government is currently implementing to establish and integrate planning and financing systems that respect gender equality and women's empowerment and mobilise different types of financing adapted to Senegal's specific characteristics and risks. 

The INFF process will align with the detailed funding framework developed by the Senegalese Government for the upcoming “Plan d’Action Prioritaire” of the PSE as well as the medium-term revenue strategy developed in partnership with the IMF. The INFF will also take into account upcoming resources that will be mobilised from the newly discovered gas and oil reserves, which are already subject to significant public and private investment. 

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