In July 2017, Mozambique finalised its development finance assessment (DFA), which contributed towards the identification of gaps and opportunities in financing the country’s sustainable development goals.

Led by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Mozambique launched its development finance assessment in 2016. The assessment provided an overview of the evolution of Mozambique’s development financing flows and their allocation and contribution to national development priorities. 

The DFA highlighted opportunities for reform to improve the ‘fiscal space’, or the budgetary room available to government to allocate resources to public purposes. Proposed reforms could increase the country’s fiscal space by about 13 percent. The DFA also sought to identify reforms and alternative sources of financing to increase the volume of resources available for sustainable development. These resources could be directed towards priority actions within the SDGs, in line with the development pillars identified in the long-term national development strategy, to the benefit of Mozambicans.

The government is currently planning to conduct a provincial level DFA in the context of COVID-19 to facilitate a SDG financing dialogue and revamp the discussion from a bottom up approach. The government also plans to organise a national conference to mobilise private and public resources to achieve the SDGs.

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