Sierra Leone

Based on the findings of the development finance assessment (DFA), Sierra Leone will continue to strengthen its financing ecosystem to finance its national development priorities using an INFF approach.

As Sierra Leone strives to achieve SDGs, it is crucial to leverage domestic sources of development finance, however, fiscal space remains severely constrained. Sierra Leone’s DFA, completed in 2019, identified revenue collection as a challenge that hampers the government’s capacity to invest in the country’s Medium-Term National Development Plan, which is anchored in the SDGs.

To tackle this issue, led by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Government of Sierra Leone is using the INFF approach to better manage and mobilise development financing and engage with key actors in the economy – private, public, domestic and international – for financing the SDGs.

Sierra Leone’s INFF approach is designed to realise two key activities: 1) enhanced government revenue generation; and 2) increased domestic capital accumulation with expanded financial inclusion. The approach will focus on removing policy, institutional, and access barriers while facilitating strong governance and coordination mechanisms among government, private sector, and civil society actors. In Alignment with these goals, the INFF will support improvement in tax administration through more effective and gender-aware service provision, taxpayer education, efficient use of automated systems and strengthened audit and human resource management capabilities.

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