Gabon will develop its first costed financing strategy to support the implementation of the national development plan

Gabon's national development strategy has adopted "Gabon Vert" as its central pillar to accelerate the country's transition from an extractive economy to a green and sustainable economy that aligns with the 2030 Agenda. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister's Office, Gabon is using the INFF process to establish a "deeply green" financing framework that aligns public and private finances with the green agenda and promotes a gender-responsive budget. Through the INFF process, Gabon will develop a comprehensive financing strategy for the SDGs to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs and the African Union's Agenda 2063, and strengthen Gabon's leading role in the fight against climate change both continentally and internationally.

Gabon's INFF approach focuses on: (a) establishing a financing framework for the national development strategy, the SDGs and the transition to the green economy; (b) preparing for the expanded use of innovative green finance mechanisms to fuel Gabon's sustainable development; (c) streamlining the development finance ecosystem; (d) developing national capacities in SDG financing instruments to accelerate the achievement of climate-related SDGs; and (e) the establishment of an effective and inclusive system for monitoring public resources allocated to the transition to a green economy.

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