INFF Dashboard

More than 70 countries are using INFFs to build more holistic approaches for financing recovery from the covid-19 pandemic and medium to long term sustainable development. These countries are embedding their INFFs within national institutions and tailoring the approach to their needs and ambitions.

UNDP has established the INFF Dashboard to track the operationalization of INFFs at both the national and cross-country levels.

Use the country pages in the dashboard below to explore the INFF in each country context, with detailed information including the INFF inception phase and four building blocks.

Also check out global and regional overviews in the Dashboard below to explore how countries around the world, and in particular regions or country groupings, are applying the INFF approach.

The INFF dashboard is informed by a survey that is carried out twice a year by UNDP, with smaller updates on an ongoing basis between surveys. The first survey was carried out in Q1 2021 and gathered responses from 71 countries.