April 2021

Integrated national financing frameworks: Financing strategy

Developed by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development, this module provides guidance for designing an integrated financing strategy that will provide a path for financing national sustainable development strategies and plans.


Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing (IATF)



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Financing strategy

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A financing strategy is at the core of an integrated national financing framework. Building on findings from building block 1: assessment and diagnostics, it provides a path for financing national development strategies and plans. In the current context, financing strategies can also be used to support COVID-19 recovery plans.

In most countries, a wide range of national financing policies are already in place. However, these policies are often fragmented and were developed over time autonomously from each other. They may also not fully align with a country’s sustainable development strategy. An integrated financing strategy seeks to bring these policies and instruments together, promoting coherence both with sustainable development objectives and between different financing policy areas. The financing strategy can support the prioritisation of financing policy actions that best respond to national goals, needs, and constraints.

This module puts forward operational guidance to design an integrated financing strategy, drawing on countries’ experiences from different country contexts. It also provides an overview of a range of tools offered by the international community to support national efforts, while ensuring government leadership. 

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