January 2017

Plano Estratégico de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (PEDS) 2017/2021

Cabo Verde’s Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS) sets challenging goals for the period 2017 - 2021.

Ensuring alignment with the SDGs and with universal principles of human rights, the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS 2017-2021) constitutes the main vehicle for Cabo Verde to fulfil the sustainable development agenda. The long-term goals set out in PEDS are based on four overarching structural objectives:

  1. To make Cabo Verde a circular economy in the Middle Atlantic.
  2. To ensure economic and environmental sustainability.
  3. To ensure social inclusion and the reduction of social and regional inequalities and asymmetries.
  4. To reinforce sovereignty, value democracy and guide diplomacy to overcome the country's development challenges.

The collaboration of development cooperation agencies and local and international partners is vital for the financing and implementation of the PEDS.