February 2018

Estratégia Nacional para o Desenvolvimento de Estatísticas (ENDE 2017-2021)

Cabo Verde’s National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (ENDE 2017-2021) outlines a new paradigm for the country’s National Statistical System.


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Cabo Verde’s third statistical agenda reflects the preparation and training required of the National Statistical System to be prepared and empowered to respond to the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2063.

The ENDE outlines a strategy to fully and effectively respond to the challenges that have arisen due to the increasing demands of monitoring and evaluating the country’s sustainable development. The strategy identifies a series of actions to transform the National Statistical System into a more open, more complete, more predictable, more reliable system.

The strategy also seeks to reduce Cabo Verde’s dependence on the external financing of major statistical operations, calling for the mobilisation of new financing mechanisms and the promotion of the autonomy of the National Statistical System.