April 2023

Integrated national financing frameworks (INFFs) e-learning course: From theory to practice

About INFFs

Integrated national financing frameworks (INFFs) help countries finance their national sustainable development objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over 80 countries have embarked on the design and implementation of an INFF. Countries don’t start from scratch when designing and implementing INFFs; rather, they are embedded within existing plans, structures, and processes. The scope and focus of their INFFs are tailored to fit each country’s unique contexts, needs and priorities. 

About the in-depth e-learning course

This comprehensive e-learning course on INFFs dives into how INFFs can strengthen financing processes and practices at the country level. The course is designed for technical government staff working on INFFs, international organisations, and development partners supporting these efforts. The course draws on the INFF guidance materials and numerous country examples to empower learners to translate theory into practice. 

In six modules, you will explore every building block of an INFF, gaining practical tips to help you on your INFF journey: 

  1. In the first module Inception Phase, you will learn how to establish a baseline and create buy-in for INFF development and implementation. 
  2. In the module Building Block 1: Assessment and Diagnostics, you will learn how to assess financing gaps and identify opportunities, challenges, and risks related to your country’s financing landscape. 
  3. In the module Building Block 2: Financing Strategy, you will explore how to formulate a financing strategy that is coherent, sustainable, and risk-informed. 
  4. In the module Building Block 3: Monitoring and Review, you will learn the importance of monitoring and review throughout the INFF phases and consider suitable systems and mechanisms for your country’s context. 
  5. In the module Building Block 4: Governance and Coordination, you will learn the importance of governance and coordination in driving the overall effectiveness of INFFs and identify relevant institutions and processes in your context. 
  6. In the concluding Takeaways and Tips module, you will revisit key lessons and practical tips. 

This e-learning course, “Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs): From theory to practice”, was developed by the INFF Facility, with financial support from the European Union and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). 

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, you will: 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the purpose, principles, and key elements for each INFF building block 
  • Grasp specific methods and tools for the inception phase and each building block, assess their relevance to your country’s context, and be able to develop or adopt approaches as needed 
  • Be equipped to operationalise an INFF in your country 

The course takes around 1-2 hours per module to complete, is free of charge, and includes a certificate upon completion. 

Course registration

To enrol, follow these steps:

  1. Create your account at the DESA Digital Learning Centre
  2. Complete registration at the course link
  3. Start learning! 

Introductory learning opportunity

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