Marshall Islands

Completed in 2019, the Marshall Islands’ development finance assessment (DFA) lays the foundation for the country’s integrated national financing framework (INFF).

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands completed its development finance assessment (DFA) in 2019. The DFA carefully maps out a broad range of past, current, and anticipated sources of development finance available to support the country’s sustainable development. The DFA also explores to what extent elements of an integrated national financing framework (INFF) have already been put in place in the Marshall Islands and highlights areas for improvement. 

The finalisation of the DFA coincides with the Government’s initiative to develop a new 2020-2030 National Strategic Plan (NSP). The NSP will form the apex planning framework, setting out the national vision and long-term development goals of the Marshall Islands. The DFA is a key ingredient in this process, helping to ensure that the national priorities articulated in the NSP are backed up with clear strategies for how they can be financed.

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